Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cool Shopping

My old friend Amy and a new friend of hers, Ellen, are starting something so cool I felt compelled to write about it.

The two of them are both longtime fans of fashion - Ellen worked in fashion merchandising for years and Amy studied fashion photography. Now they're living the suburban-ish life in Arnold, but they still love fashion. So they're starting a pop-up shop!

It's called "Here." and will occupy otherwise empty storefronts around the area for short stints. First up: March 1st through 10th at 47 Spa Road in Annapolis.

Every installment of the shop will have a different theme - the first theme is "flirting with spring."

The shops will feature clothes, accessories and home goods. Ellen and Amy are hoping to feature local designers as much as possible, too.

As soon as Amy mentioned this to me, I was in love with the idea. She's so creative and this is a fantastic outlet - it's such a great, low-risk way to start a retail business.

So if you're near Annapolis in early March, check them out! (Hours and other information are on their website.)


Sarah G said...

Cool - we should get a group together to go!

Kit Pollard said...

That's a great idea, Sarah! As soon as Amy told me about this, I thought it would be the kind of thing you and Missy would be into.

Sarah G said...

Defo. Keep me posted!


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