Thursday, January 24, 2013

In the Mail: Food Lovers' Guide to Baltimore

Exciting times in my mailbox yesterday: I received my copy of the Food Lovers' Guide to Baltimore!

Obviously, I'd find a book like this interesting, but in this case, I was more thrilled than usual to crack it open...because it's written by Kathy "the Minx" Patterson and her husband Neal.

I'm a fan of Kathy and Neal's writing - they're funny and have a light touch that's welcome. Sometimes food and restaurant writing takes itself so seriously.

The book itself is super useful. Not only did Kathy and Neal hit pretty much every restaurant of note in the area, they also cover wineries and breweries, festivals and food-related events, local shops and farmers markets, and food trucks. AND they had local chefs contribute a handful of favorite recipes.

Oh - and they mention blogs and websites, too. Of course.

Not that their (very kind) words about M&G are influencing my recommendation. Actually, they're really not (though I appreciate the mention). Even if they'd ignored M&G entirely, I'd suggest buying the book. You'll never struggle to find a restaurant again.

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