Friday, February 01, 2013

Super Bowl Strategies: Maryland Cuisine Meets Football Fare

This week, I've written about New Orleans-inspired Super Bowl menus and purple and black food and drinks. But really, most people will stick with standard football game fare: chips, salsa, guac, wings, maybe some chili.
That's what we did for the AFC championship game. I made chili, using half ground venison and half ground beef, we had lots of chips and dips, and many, many Berger cookies.
Plus, Cooper smoked about a thousand wings:
The wings, really, were the highlight (other than the big win, of course).
They were so easy to make: Just toss wings with olive oil, salt and pepper, smoke in a 200ish degree smoker for about 2 hours, then finish on the grill.
I actually tossed some of the wings in olive oil + Old Bay and some in Frank's Red Hot, but after some time in the smoker, they all tasted the same. Smoky.
But if you want to add a little extra Maryland love, toss the grilled wings in melted butter mixed with Old Bay. You won't regret it.

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