Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to School Cocktail Roundup

And I'm not talking about back to college, either.

Today is "sneak a peek at your seat" day at Stoneleigh Elementary, where Dixon will be starting kindergarten. (Next week! I'm half "how did this happen?" and half "how is he ONLY in kindergarten?")

We've had a fantastic summer, full of parties and vacations, but around here, everybody's ready for fall. Cooler weather, for one thing, but also a return to a normal schedule.

So in honor of the start of the school year, here are a few happy hour treats:
  • Scroll down to the comments in this Suburban Kamikaze post. I especially like the "Smoking in the Girls' Room." So retro.
  • This Seattle Magazine article starts off with a notice that these drinks are not for kids! While I hope that would be obvious, I do like the sound of the Air Mail - rum, lime juice, honey and sparkling wine. Bubbly and boozy is a good combination.
  • The Party Bluprints blog stays traditional with green apple martinis (and candy apple cupcakes).
  • Mix That Drink goes all soda-and-candy on their cocktails. Note: These are intended more for college kids than desperate housewives, but when it comes down to it, what's the difference, really?
  • This Girl Walks into a Bar goes straight for the Oreos with a chocolate creme cocktail. This would be dangerous in our house. Not because I would like it (it sounds a little sweet for me) but because Dixon would almost definitely try to drink it.
  • I love all of American Drink's options. Especially Sippy's Surprise. I'm sure that's why I've held on to Dixon's old sippy cups.
However you celebrate, enjoy this most wonderful time of the year!


Sarah G said...

Love the Suburban Kamikaze post! I wish I could be that creative (but I still think the Baltimoron is a good one). :)

Kit Pollard said...

I can't remember what's in the Baltimoron now!

She's pretty funny, though, huh? I just found that blog today. I like it.


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