Friday, November 04, 2011

Cail has been a cool-infographic-finding Ninja Master lately. Yesterday, she sent me a link to this work of wonder from Grub Street:

Funny and insightful. I love it.

I haven't been oblivious to what the graph illustrates, either - especially recently, it's "artisan" this and "artisan" that every time I turn on the TV, thanks mostly to Domino's. It's not just about big companies, or about food either - it's also about crappy products. Every time a sub-par knitter starts an Etsy store, the power of "artisan" declines just a little. "Artisan" loses from both ends - the stuff that's actually handmade gets worse, while stuff that's created in a central facility someplace coopts the label.

Just because it's handmade doesn't mean it's good. And just because it's not handmade doesn't mean it's bad...but tell that to the marketing people at Domino's.

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John Toner V said...

No different than Organic or Local. Fresh and quality are the two characteristics that make products sell. Everything else is just marketing.


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