Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Restaurant Review: Republic Noodle

I'm in the Sun again, this time reviewing Republic Noodle, a new noodle bar in Federal Hill. Short version: we loved it. It's new, and we experienced a few timing glitches, but the food is fantastic and the staff knows what it's doing.

In fact, the staff was even more of a high point than I let on in the review. Our waiter was awesome - knowledgeable but also funny. Another side benefit: we got to eavesdrop on the bad date (maybe a 3rd or 4th date) at the table next to us. On the off chance the girl at that table is reading this: you seem nice! I hope you're not still with that guy.


Xani said...

Interesting... I had been wanting to try and got delivery on a rainy night. I was SO disappointed-- it was literally inedible! I was willing to give them a bit of a break since delivery isn't the best measure of a place, but this was beyond bad :( I'm hesitant to give them another shot, but your review makes me think maybe they've made some improvements. Perhaps they are listening to their negative yelp reviews and making improvements...

Kit Pollard said...

Oh wow! Yeah, that wasn't our experience at all. The food - all of it - was killer. I wonder if it was a timing/delivery problem that ended up ruining the food. I'm sure those logistics are hard on a kitchen.


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