Thursday, November 03, 2011

Old School Thursday: Freezing Sandwiches Edition

Today is a big day. For one thing, it’s John Montague’s birthday (1718). Who is John Montague, you ask? Why, he’s the 4th Earl of Sandwich, of course. The one who, according to legend, invented the sandwich when he didn’t want to break from a particularly riveting card game to eat.

Appropriately, then, today is Sandwich Day.

It’s also St. Hubert’s Day. He is the patron saint of hunters…because you need some meat for that sandwich.

In other news, today in 1832, Sir John Leslie, the first person to artificially create ice, passed away. He paved the way for our next milestone – on November 3, 1952, frozen peas were added to the Birdseye frozen veg portfolio. It’s hard to imagine a world without frozen peas, no? Thank you to Sir Leslie and Clarence Birdseye for that!

Finally, today in 1966, the first truth in packaging law came into effect, requiring that ingredients are listed on food packaging. For food safety and transparency, I suppose, but the law also helped me learn a lot of very long names for preservatives from the back of cereal boxes. So there’s that.

Today, how about a sandwich-shaped birthday cake? Even better: make it an ice cream cake! Because we have artificial ice!

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