Monday, August 29, 2011

How Did You Celebrate Irene?

We had a very nice dinner of roast chicken, grits with tomato relish and sauteed spinach. Oh yeah, partially in the dark. This was taken about a minute after the power went out...and five minutes before the power came back on:
Cooper loves an opportunity to break out the head lamp.
After dinner, we skipped dessert and went straight for the dessert wine - a bottle of Deerfield Ranch Winery Gold (from 2000 - the link goes to the 2005 vintage) that Kyle and Mary brought back from their Napa honeymoon last year:
Fancy dessert wine + Coors Light = Dessert of Champions
It was billed as "creme brulee and honey" - and that's what it tasted like. I'm not always a fan of dessert wine, but this was really lovely - sweet, but not cloying.

Plus, the company was stellar, as always. We're feeling very lucky right now to have come through the storm pretty much unscathed. The power flickered a few times and our yard was littered with some minor branches, but that's it. Considering how many people are still without power, we're feeling very lucky indeed.

[Photo credit: Alicia for both.]

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