Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trendy: Lots of Thing

A few thoughts on what's hot out there right now, which I may or may not back up at a later date:

  • Selzer makers. We have one. Everyone else has one. Even Slate. Hot.
  • Invasive species. Food & Wine agrees (complete with quotes from Cooper's friend Andy Dehart!). The NYT agrees. Glenn Reynolds agrees. This may be the great bipartisan issue of our age. Super hot.
  • Spicy drinks. When Alicia and I visited Stacy in Brooklyn in May (I swear I'm going to write about it one day, we met my college friend Sumi for drinks and snacks at a small, funky, delicious Mexican place called Mesa Coyoacan. Among other things, I had a drink made with pineapple juice and tequila that had been infused with dried chiles. It was spicy, but amazing. My mind floated back there while we were at the lake, when Bill and I read about a simple, spicy and refreshing shandy - a mixture of beer and lemonade served in a glass that's been rimmed with salt mixed with cayenne pepper. We haven't made it yet, but we've got plans.
I've actually been spotting trendy stuff all over the place lately, but I keep forgetting about it. Which might mean it's not that trendy. Or that it's just that - trendy, but without any staying power. I'm going to need to write them down, though, if I want to be taken seriously as a trend-spotter. Of course, that's a big if.

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