Thursday, July 07, 2011

Old School Thursday: Back to Basics Edition

Today is not a busy day, history-wise, but it is an important one: on July 7, 1550, the first chocolate arrived in Europe. To honor the occasion, today is Chocolate Day. It’s a momentous occasion, too – think about how different life would be if chocolate hadn’t been introduced to Europe. No chocolat chaud? No Nestle? Oh, it would’ve made it there eventually, but even a few years might have made a difference.

Today is also National Strawberry Sundae Day (always my favorite McDonald’s sundae flavor) and Macaroni Day (or, as it’s known in my house, Thursday). How two staples like chocolate and macaroni get stuck sharing a day, when things like Peach Melba have a day all to themselves, I’ll never understand.

But there you have it: mac and cheese for dinner, chocolate and strawberries for dessert. Enjoy!

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