Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Baltimore Fish & Chips

Cooper's the one who came up with the title of this post...and the one who caught the fish in question. A few weeks ago, he and his friend Tony went fishing in the Bay. It wasn't the best day ever - certainly not as productive as the time they brought home like 700 pounds of tuna (from Ocean City, right after Hurrican Isabel) - but they caught enough rockfish that we could have a very respectable dinner.

Cooper marinated the fish in garlic, shallots, olive oil, salt, pepper and a bunch of herbs we had in the yard:

Then he grilled it. It doesn't take much to make rockfish good, especially when it's super fresh. I added some green beans and thinly sliced, quickly fried potatoes (my homage to McGarveys) and voila, Baltimore's own version of fish and chips:
Freshly caught fish is so much better than what you buy at the store - even if you buy freshly caught fish, like I usually do (from Conrad's). Even though I'm not the one who was actually out there with a line, the fish tasted better to me because Cooper caught it. 

Hopefully there will be a lot more of this meal this summer. I'm sure Cooper hopes so, too, since more of this means more time on the water for him.

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Virginia said...

Few meals make me as happy as fresh fish and fresh herbs just add to my glee. I've been experimenting with fish recipes for cooking contests
and seeking out inspiration lately. I hadn't thought about rockfish, but will have to investigate it more after reading this blog post.

Virginia O.


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