Friday, May 27, 2011

Go Outside

Memorial Day weekend! Summer! Finally!

After the past few rainy weeks, the heat and humidity of the past few days has kind of been a relief. Will I feel the same way in August? Doubtful. But for right now, the air outside is a reminder that summer is upon us, which means it's prime time for al fresco dining.

If the 90+ degrees (and 90+% humidity) aren't enough to get you in the mood, maybe these will do the trick:

If I lived in a more temperate climate, I would 100% have an outdoor room like this one. How great are those stripes?

After I saw this space, I thought for a minute about asking Cooper if we could put a greenhouse in the backyard, just so we could have year-round dinner parties. Would it be practical? No, on so many levels. Even in the winter it would probably be too warm to hang out. But still - pretty!

This outoorish space used to belong to Tony Duquette - now his friend Hutton Wilkinson lives there and maintains it. It caught my eye months ago and I can't stop thinking about it - all that lush greenery and those amazing red chairs.

And this is a table, set by Wilkinson. Hello, maximalism! It's totally unlike any table I ever actually set at my house, but that's why I love it. The patterns, the colors, the crystals! Would I knock over a glass immediately upon sitting down? Probably. But even with red wine spilled all over my dress, I'm sure I'd enjoy any dinner served at this table.

[Photo credits: Top from Lonny. The rest from various issues of Veranda, which I used to think of as stuffy, but now I love it.]

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