Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Party Places: The Becher's Party Barn

This is part of a cattle barn that sits on the property of Jim and Betty Becher's weekend farm in North Carolina:

Part of a working cattle barn. This space takes up a big chunk of the barn (it's about sixty by fifty), but there's still some room leftover for actual cattle. I'm amazed and I'm jealous.

The Bechers, who are briefly profiled in this Garden and Gun piece about their barn, completely renovated a portion of the barn using, among other things, an entire barn from Gettysburg that was slated for tear-down. And they did it all at the speed of light - in just a few months they completely redesigned and renovated the space (with help from Carolina Timberworks and architect James Meyer). All so it was ready for a big birthday party for Betty.

That, my friends, is commitment to a party.

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