Thursday, May 05, 2011

Old School Thursday: It's Cinco de Mayo, but That's Not Really Old School, Is It?

Woohoo! Cinco de Mayo! Margaritas all around!

Today is also National Chocolate Custard Day and National Hoagie Day. Chocolate custard doesn’t sound like such a great match with margaritas, but hoagies, maybe? I wonder which came first, the chocolate custard and hoagies, or the American fascination with Cinco de Mayo.

Today is also the birthday of James Beard (1903), cookbook author, culinary expert and all around gourmand. On top of that, today in 1936, an Illinois man named Edward Ravenscroft received a patent for the first bottle with a screw cap. Millions of bottles of wine thank him. And other bottles, of course.

So today, eat well and drink well, maybe with a little Mexican flair!

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