Monday, May 02, 2011

Royal Weddings & Summer Cocktails

Can we talk about this for a minute?

Not that I'm the first person to mention the wedding online. Ha.

Actually, right up until I turned on the TV on Friday (at 7 AM, not 4 AM), I thought I didn't care about the wedding at all. Nobody was more surprised than I was that...I did. I watched the ceremony and spent all day looking at pictures and reading accounts online, through a thin and somewhat inexplicable veil of tears. I can't believe it, but I cared.

I think my caring might have more to do with the way the wedding was handled, and the reaction of the rest of the world, rather than a previously hidden affinity for royals. The ceremony was beautiful and traditional (I like), Kate's dress was so pretty and tasteful (I love), the guest list was full of actual dignitaries, not movie stars (refreshing!) and online, even anonymous commenters were gracious and positive - snark was very difficult to find (amazing!). The carriage of the families involved and the gracious attitude of the people watching was heartening and inspiring. Hence the thin veil of tears.

Speaking of inspiring, I was inspired, by the wedding and Nakiya Schurman, to find myself a bottle of Pimm's. I finally got one on Friday and set about making a simple Pimm's cup. A couple of pours and a quick stir later, I'd forgotten all about the Negroni disaster - because I found my new summer drink and I'm not looking back.

The drink could not be simpler. I filled a rocks glass with ice, added two ounces of Pimm's and filled the rest of the glass with sparkling lemonade (I got mine from Trader Joe's. I added a small squeeze of lemon and a slice of cucumber and there I was, saying things like, "Cheerio!" and "Good DAY!"

Seriously, it's a fantastic drink. Crazy refreshing and not terribly alcoholic. Also, quite popular. Over the weekend, I served these drinks to a bunch of different people and they all agreed: it's good.

So there it is, my summer drink. Cheerio! Good DAY!


Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!! :) Glad you liked it (the wedding and the drink!)

strawberriesinparis said...



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