Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Maryland Wine Makes the Big Time

Last week, my college friends Sumi and Martina had dinner at Choptank, where Sumi loved the Smith Island cake and confirmed, on Facebook, that Maryland is totally hot.

This morning, Discovery Doug (who made it through the hostage situation without incident, fortunately) sent me an NYT article suggesting that Maryland has captured New York's attention in more ways than one.

The article, which appears in the "Journeys" section, is about traveling through Maryland to visit wineries - clearly something close to my heart. While I'm not a fan of Maryland wine for the most part (with the exception of the Black Ankle albarino, which is very good), I am a fan of Maryland wineries.

Boordy, especially, does a fantastic job of hosting events that are just about as fun and family-friendly as they come. We've spent several really nice afternoons hanging out at the vineyard and just yesterday, a friend mentioned that she loves their Thursday night farmer's market (where all the food is by Clementine).

I think the state has a ways to go in terms of actual wine production, but everything's got a learning curve, right? I learned from the article that Maryland is on the same latitude as Bordeaux, so maybe there's hope.

My other big takeaway? Marylanders don't spit. Confirming what I already knew: we're pretty fun here.

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strawberriesinparis said...

I went to black ankle yesterday afternoon for the first time and I can't remember if I bought a bottle of the albarino or the gruner but that place was magical! and whichever wine I bought was rad (you see too much wine makes the brain fuzzyyy). It's totally an oasis in the country. and its 25 minutes away, oh frederick how I love thee!


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