Thursday, March 04, 2010

Old School Thursday: Birthdays, Beer & Summer Rental Edition

Today is National Pound Cake Day, but more importantly it is my father-in-law’s birthday AND my friend Mark’s birthday. I don’t think either of them will probably have pound cake to celebrate (not that there’s anything wrong with pound cake.)

In other March 4th news, according to some sources, today is the anniversary (1634) of the opening of America’s very first tavern. The owner was Samuel Cole and the tavern was in Boston. Cheers!

Over 150 years later, in 1792, today’s the day that Hawaii (again, according to some sources) got its first shipment of oranges.

In 20th century news, today is a little sadder. On March 4th, 1927, Ira Remsen, the codiscoverer of saccharin, died. Then today in 1994, John Candy died. And no, John Candy isn’t specifically food-related, except in that a) his last name is Candy and b) he made that gigantic pancake in Uncle Buck.

So today, birthday cake to celebrate the birthdays – and beer and an enormous pancake with an orange slice garnish for dinner.

UPDATE: Cooper just reminded me that in The Great Outdoors, it was John Candy who ate the Old '96er. Gristle and fat and all.

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