Monday, October 19, 2009

Trendy Monday: Baltimore AGAIN

Jen and Bill stopped by yesterday to drop some stuff off, including a copy of the NYT travel section from Sunday, October 4th. Random, I know, except that it included a "36 Hours" article on Baltimore.

The article, written by Joshua Kurlantzick, makes me happy from the very start. Kurlantzick immediately dispenses with the elephant in the city, telling fans of "The Wire" that Bmore is more than just drug dealers. It's artists, too. Oh yeah, and crabs and sports and some genuinely high-end spots.

I've been to most of the places listed and think they represent a decent cross-section of the city (though, sorry Bourdain, the Snoop tour's not included). Maybe it's because I'm so used to "The Wire" edit of the city, too, but I'm really a little ecstatic that a national publication is willing to focus on the quirk and the finer parts of the city. As I've said before, we're not trying to hide the seedier side, or wish it away. But it really is just one side.

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