Friday, April 17, 2009

Entertaining Friday: Restaurant Review Roundup

I've been writing a lot of restaurant reviews lately...just not here. My Examiner column is bursting with them, though. So, to spread the wealth around, here's a quick roundup:
  • Grapevine Cafe - Greek-American in Cockeysville. Great apps, not-so-great entrees. Learned the hard way that we should stop trying to go to restaurants that cater to the over-65 crowd.
  • Hamilton Tavern - Local and American in Lauraville. Cool interior, great wine list, solid bar food.
  • Saigon Remembered - Vietnamese by Belvedere Square. Some kitchen glitches, but good flavor and great rolls.
  • Samos - Greek in Greektown. Seriously awesome.

So there you have it. The most legitimately "entertaining" spots are Hamilton Tavern (for the hipper and younger, or at least those who don't mind a little noise, especially on the weekends) and Samos (for everybody. Literally, everybody.) Although, with the right company, I'm sure anyplace could be entertaining...


theminx said...

Wish you would post reviews on your blog. The Examiner site with its animated ads gives me a headache, so I avoid it.

Hamilton Tavern sounds like a good deal - we should try it sometime.

Kit Pollard said...

Hamilton Tavern was great. Really fun atmosphere.

I think I probably will start posting them on M&G. I have been trying not to repeat content, but I can't link to urbanspoon on the Examiner (or I don't think I can).

Animated ads. Huh, I didn't even realize. Is it bad to admit that even though I write there, I don't actually read the Examiner?


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