Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Artsy Wednesday: Laura Letinsky

We have a lot of parties. Not surprisingly, then, I spend a lot of Saturday and Sunday mornings wading cleaning up the remnants of the night before, wishing I'd thought to put the cheese away earlier and wondering how, exactly, 10 people managed to use 30 glasses.

Those mornings must be why I'm so drawn to Laura Letinsky's still life photographs of post-meal, post-party tables. They beautifully capture that feeling of post-party stillness and muted sadness, of drama passed. But they're pretty, too, with careful color and delicate detail.

Though not really right for my house (and out of my price range anyway), I love the idea of hanging a Letinsky photograph in a highly trafficked spot in an open kitchen. Perfect party centerpiece.


Steve said...

Hey - I these pics! I've been doing the same sort of thing but with the kids' meals. Definitely a captured moment, you know.

Kit Pollard said...

Ugh. Yeah, I know.

Hey - will you give me access to your photography blog?

Steve said...

Yeah, I meant to place the word "like" in that first sentence, but I assume you got the picture. Check your e-mail for blog access...


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