Thursday, April 23, 2009

Old School Thursday: High Culture Meets Low Edition

Today is huge – for real. Well, today does carry on the “random lobby gets its day” tradition - it’s National Cherry Cheesecake Day. But today is also St. George’s Day – he’s the patron saint of farmers. And that’s just getting things started.

Today Bermuda celebrates the Peppercorn Ceremony, a big pompy and circumstancey parade during which the Mayor and Governor of the island collect a symbolic rent of one peppercorn from the inhabitants of the Masonic Lodge. By all accounts, it’s a pretty entertaining exhibition.

In less symbolic news, today is Shakespeare’s birthday (1564) and the anniversary of his death (1616). I’ve written before about Shakespeare here.

Much, much later, and important in a different way, today in 1985, Coca-Cola announced that it was changing its secret formula (at the time, 99 years old). We all know how the New Coke experiment turned out.

More successfully on the big brand front, today in 1992, McDonald’s opened its first location in Beijing. Seventeen years later, China’s still not a democracy, but it is arguably more open than it used to be. Thanks, Ronald.So today, to celebrate? Shakespeare and pepper and Coke and Big Macs? That runs the gamut, huh?


theminx said...

Your Shakespeare link doesn't go anywhere.... I wanted to check to see if I had commented on that post about my HS English teacher who had such a Shakespeare fetish, he brought a birthday cake in to class one year. Wonder how he's celebrating this year....

Kit Pollard said...

That's weird - it works for me. But it goes to a search page for all posts referencing Shakespeare, so this one shows up on top.

I don't think you commented, though, because I'd remember that. I like a teacher with that sort of dedication (the kind that involves baked goods).


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