Monday, November 24, 2008

Mock Thanksgiving Recap

This past Friday, we continued the venerable Pollard house tradition of celebrating made-up holidays with our fourth mostly-annual Mock Thanksgiving. A handful of our friends came over to help celebrate, and to entertain my sister and her W&L friends Libby and Peter, who came to visit from Philadelphia.

I have a detailed recap, including recipes, up on, but in quick summary, we ate and drank a lot. The drinking was of a slightly higher caliber than we're used to, since Alicia and Mike provided us with a couple of bottles of fancy wine to taste in between sips of Busch Light and prosecco.

Jen's mashed potatoes were another nice surprise. She made them the normal way, but added just a little Old Bay - not so much that they tasted like crab potatoes, but enough that they had a slight savory edge. I think everybody had more than one serving (which was probably a good thing, since drinking so well also meant we were drinking so much).

This was the first year we'd gone the hors d'oeuvres route, instead of having a traditional sit-down dinner. I think I like this approach better. It's a better fit for our house, and it means that everybody's up and active and (I think) having a little more fun. The cocktail party format is more conducive to a larger group, too. I think we probably had about as many people as we had last year, maybe a couple more, but it didn't feel like as much work (that might also be because last year, my house was under construction).

Overall, a good Friday night. Now, it's on to the next fake holiday!

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