Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Artsy Wednesday: Want to See the Inside of My Refrigerator? It's Pretty.

A while back - over a year ago, just as we were embarking on our renovation adventure - I wrote a post about a random idea I had for a coffee table book. I thought it would be cool to photograph the inside of celebrities' refrigerators. The real inside, not the Cribs-ified version.

This, of course, spiraled into some very negative thoughts about what the inside of my refrigerator looked like at the time. We had just started the construction then, so my kitchen was still intact (the first step was to build the addition outside, so we were able to keep our kitchen somewhat kitcheny until the contractors came through the back wall of the house). Still, things were dusty, to say the least, and since I knew I was about to get all new appliances, I wasn't too concerned about keeping anything clean. Including the inside of my refrigerator.

Last week, I ran across some old pictures I snapped, just after I wrote that post. I had the foresight to capture the look of the inside of my refrigerator back in October 2007, with the plan that I'd take pictures of the inside of my new refrigerator for later comparison. So I did.

They're not exactly apples to apples pictures - because of the setup of the new vs. old, I was able to capture all of my new refrigerator and freezer in one shot, while last year's model just includes the inside (not the door) of the refrigerator proper. But still, I think it provides some insight into how a new refrigerator has changed my behavior. Um, not at all. Check it out:

Food is just as slammed into the new refrigerator as the old. Maybe even more so. There's no neat, orderly organization. I'm a refrigerator slob.

To be fair, in real life, I think the new refrigerator is a little more organized than the old one. But wow - to the naked eye - not so much.

I learn something new about myself every day.

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