Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'd Totally Buy...

A book of photographs of the inside of famous people's refrigerators. Not when they're all gussied up, Cribs style ("Gotta have the Cris!"), but when they're for real.

How cool would that be? The inside of somebody's fridge offers so much insight to who they are as a person. One simple image could tell us so much about how someone thinks and rationalizes, what's important to them culturally, what they like, where they come from.

And the pictures would be cool to look at, too.

Not that I ever totally abandoned it, but as of yesterday, I'm back strong on my food-meets-design kick. Last night, I read an article about Feng Shui in this month's Domino. The idea for the fridge book actually came from a simple idea in the article: Feng Shui experts recommend cleaning out your refrigerator fairly regularly (and keeping kitchen counters clean and dishes out of the sink) to preserve the "heart of the home" and to keep your health and finances happy.

On a personal level, the entire article filled me with dread. Our kitchen is a disaster right now and the inside of the fridge is the worst of it. But I have an excuse - our renovations are under way and in a few months, I'll have all new cabinets and appliances and counters and I am totally 100% dedicated to having a clean refrigerator for ever and ever. Until it's all new, though, it's going to hell.

So for me, personally, I don't want to look to deep into the emotional and psychological stories my refrigerator could tell. But I sooo want to look at the train wreck of other people's lives. Anyway, chaos is artsy.

And would look great on my coffee table, all glossied up in a beautiful, if tragic, book.

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