Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beach Week: Winding Down

We’re on our way to the beach, and are definitely feeling the crunch of the end of the week. It goes by so quickly!

Last night was Island Night – shrimp, red beans and rice, jerk chicken, sangria and pina coladas. Right now, the front porch is a disaster – covered in beach towels and beer cans and a giant palm tree beer cooler. I think we officially look like a party house.

Tonight’s the night we’ve all been super excited for: College Night. Pizza, wings and drinking games. I made myself new Pi Phi letters last week and even found my pledge pin. Cooper will be wearing a party t-shirt that he outgrew about 10 years ago. We’re going to look good.

We may actually try to get a babysitter tomorrow night so we can go out to a real dinner (instead of having our Toga Party). Since Dixon is currently sobbing my name, that idea’s looking better and better by the minute…

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