Friday, June 27, 2008

Beach Week: Almost Over

College Night was a raging success…except that we’re old and everybody went to bed before midnight (we did note that when we were actually in college, we didn’t start going out until around then). It was fun, though. We ate pizza and wings and played beer pong, cornhole and assorted card and dice games (we played none of them well). Around 10, Kyle rummaged through the fridge and made nachos with most of our leftovers. Alicia took a picture with her iPhone:

(The dirty table makes a nice backdrop, no?)

Kyle was pretty excited about them…and they were good (though Bill might still have heartburn). Plus, thanks to the nachos, we won’t have to throw out nearly as much food and we all feel good about that.

Tonight: formerly Greek Night/Toga Party, now Crabfeast (with babysitters). We’re going to Mickey’s, right here in Bethany, for all-you-can-eat, along with a little reprieve from the kids.

And tomorrow we leave. As sorry as I’ll be to go home, and as much as Dixon will miss being around 10 people at all times, I think he’s also ready to get back to his routine. I wouldn’t mind getting back to my kitchen, either.

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