Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beach Week: Rainy Day and Restaurant Review (Luna's Cactus Cafe)

It’s gorgeous out right now…but yesterday was a little big miserable and everybody bailed on the beach. It was humid and rainy on and off, so Kyle and Mary headed down to the Rehobeth outlets (very crowded) and Bill, Mike, Alicia, Cooper and I took the kids to the Bethany boardwalk, where we ate pounds of Fisher’s popcorn and valiantly tried to have boat drinks at Mangoes (did not go well).

Once we all gave up, we were starving, so we headed out for an early dinner at one of our favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants: Luna’s Cactus Cafe. Cooper’s cousin, Gilly, introduced us to it last year (she lives here) – it’s not a place you’d easily find unless you knew somebody local. It’s about 10 minutes inland on route 54, just outside Fenwick Island, and in a tiny shopping center next to a perpetually closed tattoo parlor and a mildly dingy gym. But it is awesome.

It’s a small restaurant and the inside looks like a futbol-themed piñata exploded – jerseys and posters and neon all over the walls (including a sweet velvet painting of a matador and bull), waiters and waitresses in soccer jerseys, old World Cup footage running on the TV. It’s cool (and loud, which is nice with the kids).

But the real attraction is the food. It’s a combination of standard American-Mexican fare (Bill had the enchiladas), more traditional meals (Alicia had a delicious Japanese sea bass) and creative seafood-Mex (like my outrageously good softshell fajitas). The margaritas are spectacular and not so strong that we all couldn’t have a couple, and the salsa and chips are spicy and perfect. Also, the service is incredible. Kind and quick.

It was probably the meal we’ll eat out, and it was a huge success (except for the meltdown all three kids had at the very end). The meal was a nice prelude, too, to sitting on the front deck in rocking chairs, watching a thunderstorm and playing our new game – Dueling iPods: one person plays a song and the next person has the length of that song to pick a “better” song that somehow slightly connects. Cooper and Alicia battled last night – Alicia nearly took it with Lily Allen LDN, but Cooper’s surprise use of George Michael’s Faith gave him a slight edge.

Today the sun is shining and we’re getting ready for the beach. The boys are cooking eggs with the leftover shish-kabob veggies and steak from Sunday night, the kids are screaming and I’m about to get away from the computer for the rest of the day.

Tonight: Bushwood Country Club. Caddyshack theme. Cooper and I are cooking (standard, boring country club fare: red meat, veggies, Caesar salad, plus Baby Ruths for the movie), we’ll be drinking Southsides and I will be wearing my most obnoxious Lilly Pulitzer clothing accessorized with every pearl I own.

Good times. The week’s already moving too quickly.

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Erin said...

I've been going to Bethany my whole life but never heard of that Mexican place. Sounds amazing - I'll add it to my beach list! And I hear ya for eating pounds of Fisher's popcorn - that stuff is like crack. So jealous that you are at the beach! Have fun!!


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