Monday, March 17, 2008

Last Night's Dinner: St. Patrick's Day Edition

FINALLY it's St. Patrick's Day. I don't think I can take much more celebrating. I'm so tired.

This year, we decided to completely ditch the parade, which has been the centerpiece of our celebration for years. It's such a fun parade - laid back enough that people cross the street in the middle of it - but in recent years, our tolerance for the bathroom lines and the general crowdedness has dropped.

Instead, we went to Ryan's Daughter last Sunday, the 9th, and this past Saturday, we had friends over to our house. That is what this post is all about.

About 20 people came over, and everyone brought something, so we had about five times more food than necessary. I won't laundry list everything, but there were a couple of high points, if I do say so myself. All of the food I made was either Irishy (but no corned beef and cabbage - I just can't deal with the smell) or green and orange. I especially liked the Emerald Isle onion dill horseradish dip (looks cool and refreshing, but it's not), the seasoned leg of lamb I got at Trader Joe's (Cooper grilled it and it was amazing, even without any additional marinade) and I was outrageously proud of the Irish flag I made out of boiled carrots and green beans and roasted potatoes. I might have been a little more excited about it than everyone else.

This weekend was also the official opening of our house - floors are finished, pictures are hung and everything's finally in it's place. It was a bit of a test for me - I was just hoping that the flow would work out the way I'd imagined it. And it did - between the island and the deck and having the kitchen and dining area open to one another, I think we have created an ideal having-people-over space.

So, totally successful meal and party as a whole. But now I'm pretty burnt out. Typical, I guess. Maybe as I get older, my Irish hardiness is waning.

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