Monday, March 17, 2008

Trendy Monday: The Zork

I think this is totally cool. It's a plunger-like bottle stopper that some winemakers are using instead of corks or screwcaps.

I used to be a serious traditionalist when it came to my wine. Real cork or nothing for me (except that I'd never really know if I was buying real or synthetic). But recently, probably because some perfectly decent wines are using them, I've found that I'm a fan of the screw top (especially on the Villa Maria sauvignon blanc and the Chateau Montroche red). They're just easier to use - convenient.

I still don't like synthetic corks. But there's enough of a cool factor with the zork that I'd get past it's rubbery feel, I'm sure of it.

Honestly, I'm just a little surprised I've never run across one. I must not branch out enough. What a good reason to try new wine.


Anonymous said...

Kit - ZORK is a client of ours and, after reading your kind words, I wonder if you'd be willing to use your testimonial in promotions, dire mail or ads. Is this a possibility?

Kit Pollard said...



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