Friday, March 21, 2008

Fragrance Free? Just Insult to Injury

The whole Kristin Davis NSFW photos story has thrown me off a bit. I don't think of myself as naive when it comes to the poor-decision-making ways of celebrities - when I read about the Lohan-Best cell phone video, my only thought was, "I wonder what took that so long."

But Kristin Davis? Charlotte York? She was the nice one! (Nevermind that she was just as slutty as the other three. She wore such pretty and sweet dresses! She wanted a baby! She was a walking sorority.) (Also, Davis does the voice for Miss Spider in Miss Spider's Sunnypatch Friends on Noggin. She's a spideriffic mom!)

Anyway, the mere existence of the photos is distressing, even if they are nearly 20 years old. What's even more upsetting, though, is the story behind the loser who took (then sold? lost? gave away?) the photos in the first place.

And this is about food! Turns out the guy is a restaurateur in Santa Fe and the place he runs is "fragrance free". OK, I mean, I sort of get it - it's about the food? Except that he says it's because someone working there has a "sensitive nose". Um, food has a scent, too? Maybe a restaurant's not the place for you?

Regardless, it seems that his policy is somewhat erratically enforced. That he picks and chooses who he wants in the place, using the fragrance rule to boot people (or just humiliate them) somewhat at random. And apparently he has quite a temper and has, on occasion, publicly berated patrons of his restaurant.

The whole story, which is up with some detail (and Trip Advisor reviews) at Best Week Ever, is slightly on the mind-boggling side.

And back to the original story. I'm just not sure if it makes me feel better or worse to know that the guy who is embarrassing Charlotte like this is not exactly of the highest character.

I'm looking forward to the coverage of this story I can put it's overall ickiness out of my mind.

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eninnej said...

Hey Kit, I thought you might want to know that the Baltimore Book Thing (are you familiar with it? If not, they're the subject of my latest post) is in need of donations to help pay their mortgage. And this is about food, because among the millions of books they give away every year are cookbooks. For instance, they have more microwave cookbooks than I've seen in one place since the late 80s. Thought you and readers might want to know!


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