Friday, February 01, 2008

February Is Resort

Today is February 1st, which means it's time for a new monthly theme. I'm not thrilled with how the whole theme thing went in January - I'm looking for something a little more, I don't know, pervasive? But until I work out something better, the current format will have to do.

Anyway, February's theme is a good one - resort. Lilly cruisewear, mangoes and boat drinks.

February's such a miserable month (and it's starting off strong, with pouring rain and general gloom). Growing up, February was always the month when my mom broke out the big guns: Mexican night with lots of margaritas (my mom likes themes, just like I do). There's something outstandingly cheery about a salty lime and tequila drink delivered to your bedroom, along with promises of guacamole and enchiladas for dinner, while it's snowing outside.

Drink delivery was my cue to break out my sandy copy of Tales from Margaritaville, my beach radio classic rock mix tapes and reminisce with myself about how tan I was in August 1991 (I really was).

I won't be celebrating the start of resort season in pink and green and Buffett this year, though. But I will be celebrating. It's still Restaurant Week here in Baltimore, and tonight I'm delivering Dixon to my parents, and Cooper and I are going to Spice Company with a bunch of our friends. I think it's probably not quite as spicy as the name would suggest - maybe taking more cues from the space (the old Polo Grill/4 West building) and less from the co-owner Keir Singh's pedigree (The Ambassador and the Carlyle Club). Still, I've heard good things and there are some intriguing dishes on the prix fixe menu.

And I'll be sure to order at least something with a little spice. If not a drink with an umbrella. Cheers!

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