Friday, February 01, 2008

Artsy: Mondrian Soda

This is awesome.

Stephen Dubner, of Freakonomics fame, posts a photo he took of the elegantly arranged soda cabinet in the cafeteria of University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. He also reports on a conversation he had with Derek, the soda stacker. When Dubner mentioned that the configuration reminded him of Mondrian - Broadway Boogie Woogie, in particular (and I see it) - Derek said he was actually going more for a Warhol thing.

And one of the commenters invokes Jasper Johns.

I love that a) this is actually about food; b) that Dubner took the time to see the art in the everyday and that c) Derek cared enough to actually put it out there.

P.S. It's Mondrian Week at Mango & Ginger, huh? Unplanned, I promise you. Though I have had Mondrian on the brain for over a month now, ever since I read this Dana Goodyear New Yorker blog post about her visit to the Eames Case Study #8 house. It's got a whole Mondrian thing going on and I love it.

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