Monday, February 25, 2008

Trendy Monday: Savory Desserts

Last Thursday, Serious Eater Lucy Baker wrote about a scoop of rosemary ice cream she'd just eated at Salt in the West Village. The dessert (served with upside down pear cake) sparked a whole post, and a bunch of comments, about cool, non-sweet ice cream flavors.

I don't think I've actually ever had a savory ice cream (except I think maybe some green tea ice cream at a sushi place), but I love the idea. As much as I love sweet things, I don't really need a sweet dessert after dinner. I do like another course, though, after dinner - if only so I can sit at the table and talk for a little longer.

I'm not aware of anyplace in Baltimore that serves savory ice creams. Anyone?

I guess at some point I'm also going to have to suck it up and buy myself an ice cream maker (or convince my parents to give me theirs). I've been saving ice cream recipes for a few years now...all sweet. But the need for some savory treats could be what pushes me over the edge.


Joyce said...

Little Spice in Hanover has avacodo ice cream, they will serve a trio which includes coconut and mango. For me it tasted like frozen gauc, without chips.

Kit Pollard said...

Oh that's good to know. And in Hanover, too...kind of a surprise. Go AA County!

Meghan said...

Rosemary is my fave.... and I'd love this icecream (i think). I too have been saving recipes for frozen treats and staring at my wishlist with an icecream maker....
think ill have to bite the bullet this year!


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