Monday, February 25, 2008

Great Tastes Show Wrap-Up

Thanks to everybody who came to see the bloggers at the Great Tastes show last Saturday! Our presentation, on the main demo stage, was a little hectic, thanks to some background noise and stubborn technology, but we all had a good time and I was very pleasantly surprised by the turnout. There were people in the audience who weren't related to the bloggers on the panel! And they even had questions!

Xani and Erin from Black Coffee and a Donut and Dara from Dining Dish (our intrepid organizer) have already written posts about the day. Reading their posts, I think maybe they took better advantage than I did of everything the show offered. Cooper and I managed to miss all the seminars and I just barely glimpsed the famous Michael Midgely (and it looks like Erin and Xani are now his best friends...).

I also totally missed the absinthe. I decided not to try it before the panel - I thought it would be safer to stick to wine and beer before I had to talk to an unknown number of people. But after the panel, by the time Rachel convinced Cooper and me that we had to try it, the absinthe lady had packed it up and gone home. I guess she was popular.

Overall - really fun day. Really great food and drinks. And really fantastic to meet all the other bloggers.

Thanks again to Dara - and I can't wait to see everybody else again soon!

1 comment:

John said...

It's good you didn't taste the absinthe before hand. I had to stop myself from drinking it before I got sloshed. That was before the panel, of course.


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