Friday, January 11, 2008

Chairs Speak Volumes

I'm a little late in getting to this - it's been over a week now, but I can't stop thinking about this Elizabeth Large post on how restaurants define the experience by the type of chair. Her observation (which stems from another comment about the Woodberry Kitchen chairs) is:
This doesn't always hold true, but when did hard or teeny (or cold) chairs somehow get equated with the Next Big Thing? Having roomy or soft-seated chairs or, God forbid, arms on the chairs these days suggests that you're catering to an older clientele -- or maybe just don't know good design. When did good design get equated with discomfort? Don't hip 20-somethings like to be comfortable too?

She's right - though I am neither hip nor in my my 20's, I'm pretty sure even a few years ago, I appreciated a comfy chair, though maybe not one so comfortable that I'd be tempted to fall asleep after a big meal.

What I found most interesting about this, though, is the direct link between style and food. It's a good reminder to everybody that food is only part of the meal experience.

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