Thursday, January 31, 2008

Artsy: Art Jumping. Also, Cultural SAT Question.

This is cool. Next time I go someplace artsy, I'm totally jumping and photographing. Also, Dixon has just learned to jump. He'd be all over this.

While trying to figure out how to make this about food, I started thinking about museums. (BTW, food-related jumping - in the kitchen and restaurant - was quickly dismissed. Jumping is not good for the digestion...or appropriate for any activity involving knives.)

A museum is a place we go to learn about art and to share art so great it deserves to be public. For music, we have concerts that function the same way. In fashion, runway shows. But what's the answer in food?

In other words:

museum: art
concert: music
runway: fashion
???: food

Restaurants could be the answer. We do congregate at restaurants to experience food, often food we couldn't have at home. But for some reason it doesn't fit perfectly for me. Maybe because food is a core necessity of life, it's more pervasive than other cultural entities?

Or maybe I'm making the question more difficult than it is.

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