Sunday, December 23, 2007

Revolution Trickles Over

Today's Washington Post Style section includes a thought-provoking artile on the debatable success of the Cubism Revolution. "Debatable" because both the objectives and the outcome of the revolution in question are, apparently, up for grabs. The article's author, Blake Gopnik, talks to numerous experts, most of whom fall firmly in the "rousing success" camp. Gopnik has a more complex view, which I won't rehash here because a) if you're into this sort of thing, the article is really worth reading in its entirety and b) Gopnik's a good writer and trying to summarize would be futile and, likely, embarrassing.

I will make one comment, though: nobody in the article talks about Cubism's influence outside of "art-art" - namely, sculpture and painting. There's nothing about jazz, nothing about any type of architecture and, obviously, nothing about food. But to me, the tenets of Cubism directly influenced molecular gastronomy, at the very least, and probably a lot more.

Regardless, good article, even if its not all inclusive.

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