Saturday, October 15, 2005

End of the Season

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Last night was the last outdoor happy hour of the season at my favorite place ever, Belvedere Square. My sister and her roommate came up from Severna Park to join us (they're home for fall break), and the usual Belvedere crew met up around 7.

It was beautiful out, but not very crowded - probably a combination of the chance of rain and an early sunset. We all felt a little sad - wistful, really - and tried to make the most out of the evening.

As usual, we finished things up in the wine bar. Megan and I had some cava, the boys had their Bitburgers, Jen had a very rare glass of wine (since she is five months pregnant and all), the college girls made fun of the music selection as they hit on the bartenders, who made us special, Alicia-requested infusions made with limoncello (delicious) and Jen brought a birthday cake for Bill.

Then we came home and started a fire outside. Definitely a fitting end to the season...and kickoff for fall.

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