Thursday, October 13, 2005


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We still have tons of food left over from our party last weekend - the food that never even made it out to the table. (And to think Cooper was worried that there wouldn't be enough.)

We're rapidly approaching the toss date for much of this, so I decided last night to mix it up a little. I bought a bag of lettuce, then scoured the fridge for anything that would match the slightly-curried chicken fingers.

We ended up with a little southwestern-curry salad - which is much better than it sounds. I made a BBQ-ranch dressing using leftover ranch veggie dip (consistency is perfect when mixed with barbecue sauce), throwing in some cheese, tomatoes, salsa and chips. Wow, do we have a lot of chips. I think everyone who came over brought a bag of chips and a plate of brownies. And I am not complaining.

Verdict on dinner: it was pretty good. Especially for leftovers.

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