Friday, September 30, 2005


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Our third night out in Paris, we were exhausted from a big night the night before - and jet lag. We decided to do something a little different for dinner, so we walked down to the Rue de Saint Roch and had thai food at the fabulously opulent Thai. The interior looked like an opium den (at least what I'd imagine an opium den would look like) with fabric covering the walls and a drapey, silky light fixture in the middle of the ceiling, and the food was delicious.

We started with spring rolls (Missy), a tofu salad (Gilly), beautiful beef carpaccio (Sarah) and a delicious and so interesting chicken and coconut soup that had just a little lime and some baby corn to give it extra texture and flavor (me).

For dinner, I had duck...which I always love even though sometimes I find it a little too rich. Not so in this case - I ate every bit. It was crispy, covered with sticks of raw ginger (and I do love ginger) and served with a gingery sweet and sour sauce that had just a tiny bit of spice. Sarah had scallops and peppers and Missy and Gilly both got a shrimp and scallop curry that tasted remarkably like panang goong - my favorite Thai food of all time. Cocunutty and spicy.

Unfortunately, dessert wasn't quite as successful...

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