Friday, September 30, 2005

Inaugural Feast

monoprix feast
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I finally have a little time to post about my fabulous Parisian dining experiences. The very blurry picture at the right helped us kick off our trip - as soon as we got to Paris, we headed to the Monoprix and bought all sorts of cheeses, spreads, crackers, etc. And some Coca Light, bien sur.

Even though we had to use a can opener as a knife to spread the brie and we were all crammed into Gilly and Sarah's tiny room, my first "meal" in France didn't disappoint. I just can't get enough of the food.

During our week in Paris, I ate a ton of quintessentially French food - lots of omelets, steak frites, salads with that delicious so French vinaigrette, quiche and tons of cheese. But I also had some spectacular Thai and even some good (and cheap) Italian. And tons of cheap but delicious Bordeaux.

Upon return, my bag was filled with food and wine: two bottles of Bordeaux, strawberry vinegar, onion confit (that I have already used in two potato dishes with excellent results), pate for my brother and father, and a ton of fancy mustard. I really couldn't get enough of the grocery store.

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