Friday, September 30, 2005


chez yvette et claude
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The night after our trip to Thai, we went back to the Rue de Saint Roch to visit Chez Yvette et Claude. Sarah and Gilly's grandparents started coming to this restaurant years and years ago, and the entire family makes the trip every time they're in Paris.

Today, the son of Yvette and Claude, Hugo, and his wife run the place. She is the hostess and waitress and he is the adorable chef. It's a small place- maybe 10 or 12 tables - and we sat in the tiny section just next to the kitchen, where we could watch Hugo as he cooked everyone's meals, without even the help of a sous chef. (And watching him chop shallots did, in fact, take my breath away. If only I had that kind of talent.)

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