Friday, September 30, 2005

Steak Frites

steak frites
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Dinner at Hugo's was delicious - it was traditionally French, a small menu, and obviously lovingly prepared. The inside of the restaurant hasn't changed in decades, and there's something that's heartwarming about seeing shiny copper pots hang all over a place. Especially when the food is really good.

Sarah and I both had the steak frites, which came with a thick shallot and butter sauce (which here looks a little gross...but it was delicious). Sarah and Gilly had a firm white fish served with a rich lobster sauce - also fantastic.

And our desserts definitely made up for the crazy Thai sweets the night before. Between the four of us we had an impossibly creamy creme brulee with a cointreau sauce, delicious bananas flambe, a perfect tarte tatin and an outrageous chocolate cake that seemed to be wrapped in a thick layer of chocolate mousse.

We'd have gone back at least once more, too, if the retaurant hadn't been closed on weekends...

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