Thursday, September 07, 2017

Twelve Years

Photo courtesy of Winecream

Oh, hello. Do you remember who I am? I'm Kit, the person who used to write in this space multiple times a week, but who hasn't posted anything at all since the beginning of summer. (Trust me, I wish I had. I feel guilty about it every day and the number of draft posts in my blog folder is mortifying.)

I'm popping back in today to say happy fall...and happy blog birthday to me. As of today, it's been twelve years since my first post here and even if I don't show it by writing very often these days, I'm still extremely thankful that I took that initial plunge.

I'd planned to write a big summer roundup post for today (I've done so many fun things including so many great meals in Duck and in Boston and in Baltimore! Everyone should go to Blue Point and Art's Place and Select Oyster Bar and Yvonne's and Pure Wine Cafe and Bluebird Cocktail Room.) I'd like to think that I will still write that post.

But sadly, I don't have time to do that today. I did have time, however, to email the awesome people at Winecream (which is delicious) about their brand new Mango Ginger flavor. (They really are the nicest people.)

I learned about it yesterday! Just in time to celebrate twelve years of M&G.

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