Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Marimekko @ Target

There is only one way for this to end. With me, disappointed and tired. Maybe I'll have spent money on something I'll never wear, or maybe I won't even have found anything at all to buy. Either way, a Target collab this high profile will almost surely not meet my expectations.

And yet...on Sunday the 17th of April, I'm sure I'll find myself lined up outside the Target doors, all excited about what's inside. I so love Marimekko. Danish Scandinavian + colorful is my kryptonite.

I mean...look at that table. How could I possibly resist it? How can I resist anything that pairs so well with a summery cocktail?

See the whole collection here.


Anonymous said...

It's Finnish, except that a lot of the products are made in Asia under questionable conditions. Some have been fixed since being discovered a couple of years ago, but there are still concerns over excessive heat and low pay and poor management (per Finnwatch).

Kit Pollard said...

D'oh. Of course it's Finnish and I even knew that!

I hadn't read about the conditions - but I will. Thank you for your comment!


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