Friday, December 04, 2015

“The first requisite for such a party is good liquor. The second is plenty of it."

That's Dorothy Draper, in Entertaining Is Fun!, which was published in the '40s but is still a blast of a book. She's also quoted in this roundup of quotes about parties on The Cut, where they're continuing their Mostess week of entertaining advice with a few more fun articles.

Because I am a collector of party quotes, I'd read most of the ones included in that list. But no matter - reading them again made me smile hard.

I also loved this article about throwing breakfast parties. I love a brunch at home...though I laughed when I got to the part about having your whole afternoon free. Because...if the brunch is great, what it really means is that you and your friends spend 12 hours together at someone's house. I'd add a tip to that article: make sure you have enough food for round two. And three. Maybe even four. The best brunches are the ones that end with everybody wishing they could just buy a big compound and all live together, with each family in its own wing.

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