Monday, September 07, 2015

Ten Years

Today is the tenth anniversary of my very first post here on Mango and Ginger - just a couple short, tentatively phrased paragraphs. I obviously had no idea what I was getting into, and no real expectations associated with the blog. That was so smart of 2005 me!

Over the course of the past decade, I've written nearly 1,900 posts, been to Paris twice, had a kid who hates vegetables but loves meat, learned to cook (mostly), lived through a complete kitchen renovation, hosted about a hundred parties (for real) - and turned blogging into an actual food writing career. 

I feel very much like I've been in the right place, at the right time. My interest in food blossomed just as food blogs became a thing, and I've been in the perfect place to watch Baltimore's food scene explode. 

Along the way, I've met so many great people through blogging and had a ton of incredible meals. In 2005, I never would have guessed that ten years after starting this blog, I'd be reviewing restaurants for the Sun, or that I'd have my own food column in Baltimore's Child. I probably wouldn't even have guessed that I'd still be blogging.

I do wish I had time to blog more than I do right now - these days, instead of blogging about things, I often share them on Facebook. But hopefully one day, more frequent blogging will in the cards again. I miss writing here several times a week.

Blogging makes you curious, and helps you look at everything through inquisitive eyes. Thanks to this blog, I've had my eyes trained outward, on the food world as a whole and Baltimore, and inward, on the role food plays in my own life and relationships. It's a fascinating lens. 

So thank you, everyone who reads what I write here. I love writing it. And now on to the next ten!


Steve said...

I stumbled across Mango & Ginger just a few years ago. I immediately appreciated your voice and the sense that you were having a lot of fun. I've since been pleased to read your pieces in The Sun (I no longer pick up Baltimore's Child ;-) ) -- and I'm wondering if you're a candidate for Richard Gorelick's chair? Anyway, thanks for your writing and best of luck!

Kit Pollard said...

Thanks so much, Steve! I AM having fun.

As for the restaurant reviewing job...unfortunately, it's a full-time position and I really prefer the freelance life. Richard definitely left some big shoes to fill!


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