Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Trendy: Low-Octane Cocktails & High-Octane Beef

Summer is here...which means it's drink-all-day season. Oh, is that just how I think of it?

(Actually, I joke. Unlike many people my age, I really do prefer to do my boozing at night.)

No matter which hours you prefer to drink, summer does lend itself to marathon drinking sessions. So it's not actually that big of a surprise that lately, I've seen a lot of recipes for cocktails with lower alcohol content...stuff you can drink for hours without being totally obliterated.

This is a trend I can fully get behind. I like drinking for hours and hours. I also like remembering things and being functional on Sundays. (In related news, I also like water, and drinking it before I go to bed.) (In more related news, I am not always completely successful at avoiding unpleasant Sundays.)

You know what else is trendy, and pairs pretty well with a lot of low-alcohol cocktails? Brisket. It is just everybody's fave BBQ these days. Maybe it's because it's a little more challenging to get right (it does dry out easily). Maybe it's because Texas is having a moment. I don't know why...but I do know that it is all the rage.

Not-too-boozy booze and beef with some smoke. Not too bad as summer trends. Not too bad at all.

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