Friday, September 19, 2014

What I Read and Write

The big news around here is that our internet connection has worked for more than 24 straight hours. It's been a trying couple of weeks with fading signals and new modems, but last weekend, I made fast friends with a Verizon tech named Phil who worked his tail off to figure out the root of the problem that has plagued our lines since...oh, pretty much since we moved in. Nine years ago.

Anyway, moving on. I will be happy to put all of that behind me. Because I've spent so much time researching articles on my cell phone, shuttling back and forth between Atwater's (where the wireless is free and easy) and on the phone with Verizon, my work schedule has been a mess. As ever, it's the blog that suffers.

So, instead of writing about the stuff I've eaten lately, here are some fun things I've read and written:

Source: Sylvana Ward Durrett via Vogue
Outdoor tablescapes from Vogue. Alicia sent me  link to this slideshow, knowing that long tables, outside, beautifully set for dinner are my kryptonite. Seriously, they fill me with so much joy, I can almost forget how much time I've wasted on the phone with Verizon lately.

Hangover food, courtesy of FWx. This would have been especially useful during my twenties - but it's still full of good recipes. The baked huevos rancheros is actually a go-to dinner around here. In fact, we had it last night!

Shop Girl at Baltimore Fishbowl. Last week, I wrote my first article for local website Baltimore Fishbowl - a super fun piece about where to shop in Baltimore. I bet you can't even tell I researched the whole thing using my cell phone...or maybe you can.

This weekend, it's off to Severna Park for my mom's birthday festivities. We have a big weekend of Waskom ahead of us...and I still have some cooking and shopping to do!

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