Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Things That Aren't That Great

1. This beer and cheese soup, from Southern Soul Barbecue via Garden and Gun:

I made it yesterday and while it wasn't the worst thing I've ever cooked, 
I was expecting something much less beery and a lot more cheesy.
(Cheesy as in...cheese. Not "cheesy.")

It's adapted from a beer and cheese dip - which I think probably
works a lot better. In fact, I used it as a dip for my bread, instead
of eating it as straight-up soup. That way, it worked.

The salad, on the other hand, was great. I based it on one I ate
at Arthouse in Hampden. Super simple- just roasted butternut squash,
ricotta and romaine, dressed in white wine vinaigrette. It worked.

2. Also not that great? My complete inability to stick with my self-proclaimed
posting schedule. It's not even February and already, I've missed two 
"Vintage Tuesday" posts. Embarrassing. Sorry. Between the snow and 
the work, I am pulling my hair out over here. 

Really, I just need to get back in the groove. And I will!

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